Get In, Get Out, Get

There’s no faster way to rent a car! Simply quote your RapidRez Number (BCN) when you make your reservation. Then when you arrive at a Fastbreak rental location* you’ll receive priority service. Because we hold your information securely in our reservation system there’s no lengthy paperwork to complete, which means you’re on the road faster.

Enrolling in Fastbreak is free. Simply review the Global Master Rental Agreement and complete the international application form. Upon successful completion of your application, you will receive your RapidRez Number (BCN) that will enable you to begin using our Fastbreak service immediately.

Now that's fast! Why wait? It's free! Join Fastbreak today and Get In, Get Out, Get Going fast.

US Residents please go to and complete a Fastbreak online application for this region. Customers from other Countries should also use This online application form to the Fastbreak programme is for Europe, Middle East and Africa residents ONLY.

* Fastbreak rental locations include all International Airports across the world where Budget is present plus other selected downtown locations